The Astaria Foundation is a non-profit (501c3) animal wellness organization founded to address pain management for equine and companion animals. With support from donors, veterinarians, and animal healthcare professionals, the organization has three main objectives:

Therapy Cost Sharing Grants

Through the Vetably Grant Program, The Astaria Foundation makes Alpha-2 Orthobiologic Therapies™ available to owners or organizations with horses and dogs suffering from lameness, osteoarthritis and ligament/tendon diagnosis – regardless of economic ability.


For students with an interest in pursuing animal health technologies and animal pain management in their collegiate studies, specific grants have been made available for qualified, new, full-time, degree-seeking international students attending colleges of veterinary medicine.

Legislative Advocacy

Working with other local and national organizations, our foundation supports policies that prevent animal cruelty and alleviate suffering.  Education initiatives are another way we help animals everywhere through bringing awareness to compassionate policy makers and legislation.

With support from partners and friends, each donation not only helps owners and animal healthcare professionals better care for these unique beings, it also is an investment in the future of the veterinarian profession.

The Astaria Foundation, along with our team at Astaria Global, want to ensure that the science of animal pain management treatments, technologies and techniques continue to advance.  Gifts to the Foundation may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your tax advisor.