Our Alpha Active Concentrate Process isolates the α2M molecule, which is a powerful inhibitor of cartilage destructive factors and slows the progression of joint inflammation by preventing cartilage breakdown and loss. It is the only autologous process to concentrate α2M for mammals to obtain a U.S. patent.

We are committed to the highest quality both in our continued research and product production.

Alpha2EQ is the only orthobiologic device that is proven to isolate and concentrate α2M from plasma, intensifying the all-natural healing proteins of the horse’s own blood. The α2M molecule has proven success in decreasing inflammation, relieving pain and modulating cartilage degeneration that is the result of osteoarthritis. Our team takes great pride in following the science to deliver life-changing therapies, procedures and products that can address the animal pain management crisis for millions of animals and their owners worldwide. The trust that our veterinarians and patient families put in us is something we take very seriously. We carry the weight of that trust at every stage of the long and complex life cycle of a product. We are guided by a set of tried and proven standards that govern the safety and efficacy necessary to achieve a product worthy of the Astaria Global brand.
Our entire organization is grounded in the belief of transparency. This means that our partners, patients and trial participants have access to product information, procedure processes, treatment results, and patient outcomes in all phases, including marketed therapies. We share results, whether they are favorable or unfavorable to the group of KOLs. The studies of animal pain management and α2m are ever-evolving. We continuously monitor research and developments in the field of veterinarian practice in partnership with other organizations so that Astaria remains at the forefront of best practice in clinical and safety trial transparency.

We have partnered with Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to give us real-time, field-based feedback and transparent owner/patient outcomes.