The Most Advanced, Patented Plasma Technology for Lameness, Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain


Alpha2EQ and Alpha2CP

Science is the driving force behind everything we do. Our advanced, patented plasma technology, the AlphaActive™ Concentrate Process, is specifically designed for inflammation and degeneration of joints in horses and companion animals. Resulting from years of research, equine safety studies, proven clinical results and FDA approval for even a human application of the technology, Astaria Global proudly introduces the untapped healing power of Alpha-2 Macroglobulin (α2M) molecule in the highest level concentrate available on the market today.

The World’s Only α2M Concentrate Therapy

Astaria empowers veterinarians and animal healthcare providers to provide next-generation, active biologic treatments and pain management founded on the principles of evidence-based regenerative therapies and patented medical technologies.
  • Clinically Proven Success. Decreases inflammation, relieves pain and treats degeneration of joints in horses and companion animals, isolating the powerful inhibitors of cartilage catabolic factors and slows the progression of OA by preventing cartilage breakdown and loss.
  • Simple, 1-Hour Treatment Procedure. Our pre-packaged kit and uncomplicated quick-step process make it a minimally invasive procedure. Plus, treat multiple areas in one visit.
  • More α2M Concentrate Over the Leading Brand Therapies. Our patented equine plasma technology, the AlphaActive℠ Concentrate Process, intensifies the all-natural healing proteins of patient’s own blood and delivers more α2-Macroglobulin than leading autologous or regenerative therapies – fast.
  • Approved for Competition. 100% drug free and 100% chemical free. It has no banned substances, ensuring no rules of competition or racing are broken.

The AlphaActive (α2M ) Concentrate Delivers Proven Results




Preventative Injury

Investing in Community-Based Animal Health

Serving the health and wellness of our best friends and truest companions will always be our one true focus. We believe in giving back.