We are not only passionate about science but animal welfare as well.

By developing innovative, advanced and natural orthobiologic therapies and products, we strive to inspire the next generation of vets, animal owners and competitors. Our values reflect those of true animal lovers. Amidst a market filled with buzzwords and “claims”, we stand out with to our patented filtration process, concentration of α2M, quick-step procedure and proven success. But the most important difference is our people. Put their dedication, experience, and passion for your practice, patience, and success to the test. We promise – you will be remarkably amazed.

Our Mission

At Astaria Global, we appreciate all animals and beings here on earth. We aim to use the resources we have to provide the best life for them. We are dedicated to discovering, developing and delivering remarkable results through each therapy, product, or recommendation. We are purposely science driven. We do the right thing by following what the science proves to be true and always putting our patients first. Our purpose inspires everything we do. It gets us out of bed in the morning and helps us deliver answers to the veterinarians and patients that need it most. Our values determine how we work alongside one another and what steps are monumental to our success. Our values drive our decisions. Our corporate culture demands results.