Bioethics Policy

Astaria Global believes that while biotechnology can provide remarkable benefits, it comes with certain responsibilities. Any decisions we make to commercialize a biotechnology-derived product receives careful consideration of the risks and benefits associated. As a company, these principles govern our efforts to research, develop and provide products for patients worldwide.

Bioethics Guiding Principles

  • Astaria Global places the highest priority on the safety and efficacy of our products.
  • Astaria Global’s products and processes are based on sound scientific data.
  • Astaria Global ensures that all research and testing done by Astaria Global is done so to produce health advancements and results with minimal risk.
  • Astaria Global supports ethical and professional standards in the research, development, manufacture and sale of its products.
  • Astaria Global supports the humane treatment of animals in research.
  • These standards apply to all work directed by Astaria Global to external research organizations, consultants and third-party vendors.


Framework for Application of Bioethics Guiding Principles

Astaria Global’s policies and procedures consider these principles when executing research, development, manufacture and sale of our products. Research and development is justifiable when:

  • Potential risk to subjects if minimal
  • Potential benefits to subjects are optimal
  • Potential benefits outweigh potential risks to subjects

This bioethics policy will be reviewed and revised as appropriate based on technological, legal, regulatory, social and ethical changes.