Astaria Global was founded on the promise to not just be the most reliable partner you can find in this industry.

It is also the promise to be our personal best – every day. It’s why we talk about our core values. And it’s why we ask to be held accountable to them in every relationship. We’re committed to working with the highest integrity, and that means we do what we say we will do. We value strong candor, teamwork and outlandish thinking. Our team finds inspiration in helping others and seeing the life-changing impact of our therapies and products. We have nurtured a culture that drives above-and-beyond excellence in everything we do.

We’ve created some unique animal pain management technologies and orthobiologic innovations that make a profound impact on the lives of owners and an animal’s quality of life, companionship and performance. This is who we are. We’re excited to bring them to the world. We’re honored to work with you.

Patient-first mentality.

Our Patients — animals who we hold to be unique beings — are the reason we exist. Veterinarians, Animal Healthcare Providers, Owners, Trainers, and Riders all depend on our passion and commitment to delivering the best animal pain management and orthobiologic therapies to the market. That’s why we’re dedicated to being exactly what you need us to be. A trusted partner. A team of like-minded people you can rely on. Our products and the entirety of our corporate culture revolve around Excellence in Outcomes – understanding the needs of the patient, discussing the expectations of performance, deliberating the apprehensions about an animal’s quality of life, working with animal healthcare providers to deliver the suitable therapy, and doing what we’ve promised to do. Every time.


We strive to be an ethical business by going above the legal transparency requirements. We encourage our clients and employees to speak out if they have questions or concerns. While we instill our own set of rules, we also emphasize a positive and encouraging company culture so that no topic is off the table. All are treated as equals at Astaria Global and should a client or employee feel otherwise, we welcome an open discussion on the matter.


Our mission is inextricably linked to the importance of sustainability. The connection between sustainability and mission extends to efficient management of our resources, social interaction between patient and animal healthcare provider, community-based environmental and ecosystem awareness, packaging and shipping considerations, and the utilization of energy-conscious technology. Astaria recognizes that incorporating environmental sustainability into our business and products can bring a significant value to our company, our partners and the patients we serve. Our continued goals are to reduce our carbon footprint, increase energy efficiency and reduce waste within the company.